Learn from the Best Featured Speakers

Ryan Carniato

Creator of SolidJS, Netlify | USA

Nishu Goel

Engineer (Web + Golang), GDE, epilot GmbH | Germany

Miško Hevery

Chief Technology Officer, Builder.io | USA

Luca Mezzalira

Principal Serverless Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS | UK

Shai Reznik

Founder, HiRez.io | Israel

Adam Bradley

Director of Technology, Builder.io | USA

Michael Hladky

Trainer and consultant, push-based.io | Austria

Karin Angel

Full Stack Team Lead, Sapiens | Israel

Nir Kaufman

Front End Guild Manager, Next Insurance | Israel

Arisa Fukuzaki

Developer Relations Engineer, Storyblok | Germany

Konrad Mattheis

CTO, Vizlib | Germany

Sebastian Gos

Development Manager, BEC | Poland

Piotr Tomiak

Senior Software Developer, JetBrains | Poland

Kamil Gałek

Senior Frontend Developer, BigPicture | Poland

Sam Bellen

Staff Developer Advocate Engineer, Auth0 | Belgium

Santosh Yadav

GDE, Senior Software Engineer, Celonis | Germany

Michał Jawulski

Managing Delivery Architect, Capgemini | Poland

Devlin Duldulao

Senior Consultant, Inmeta | Norway

Daniel Afonso

Developer Advocate, OLX | Portugal

Dhananjay Kumar

Teacher and Consultant, ngIndia | India

Sebastian Witalec

Head of DevRel, SeMI Technologies | Denmark

Stay tuned, more speakers will be announced soon!

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Full-days SUPERB QUALITY Workshops

Workshops take place the day before NG Poland at:

ADN Conference Center
Browary Warszawskie
GH building; entrance B
Grzybowska Street 56, Warsaw.

Please note, workshop tickets are sold separately from conference tickets.

NG Workshops (Oct 24, 2022)

10.00 - 17.00 CEST October 24
(Lunch provided)

TypeScript Ninja - Master Class (stationary & online)
by Tomasz Ducin

Have you ever experienced getting a non-obvious compiler error, such as "[...] is a subtype, but could be instantiated with a different subtype", which you struggled to understand? Beyond both the basic and advanced topics, there's still a lot to learn about Generics, Recursive Types, Mapped and Conditional Types - and many constructs that make heavy use of all of them. This is a 100% hands-on workshop filled with lots of exercises which require to think in types, apply set theory to types, and, last but not least, write lots of generics, sometimes hardcore ones.
If you consider yourself a mid or senior, but you feel you could step up with your skills, this TypeScript workshop is just for you.

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10.00 - 17.00 CEST October 24
(Lunch provided)

Building Fast WebApplications - Master Class (stationary & online)
by Miško Hevery

Building instant-on web applications at scale have been elusive. Real-world sites need tracking, analytics, and complex user interfaces and interactions. We always start with the best intentions but end up with a less-than-ideal site.
Let's look into the anatomy of a slow site and dissect it to find out how each issue got there and why fixing it is not a trivial exercise. Understanding the problem is the first step. Next is to think about possible solutions to prevent this.

- Anatomy of a slow site
- JavaScript over time: it is here to stay, and it is getting bigger
- JavaScript is single-threaded => CPUs cores are increasing
- Understanding the PageSpeed budget
- Third-party code
- Web-workers
- First-party code
- Hydration problem => front load JS
- Lazy loading problem => can't lazy-load visible components
- How can we have pull rather than push model of JavaScript
- Resumability is a possible solution => but it is hard

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10.00 - 17.00 CEST October 24
(Lunch provided)

NgRx Store + ComponentStore - Master Class (stationary & online)
by Alex Okrushko

The synchronization of State is one of the most challenging parts in web applications. In this workshop we’ll go over what is this State and what are the problems that we are trying to solve. We’ll start with no libraries approach, pull and push-based services and then dive deeper into Global and Local state management with two of the most popular libraries designed to handle state: @ngrx/store and @ngrx/component-store.

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10.00 - 17.00 CEST October 24
(Lunch provided)

Advanced Angular: DOM Manipulation in-depth Master Class (stationary & online)
by Nir Kaufman

The majority of our work as front-end developers is to implement dynamic user interfaces. In this workshop, we will master the API, patterns, techniques, and best practices for building a robust view layer with Angulars. By the end of this day, you will gain deep knowledge and practical experience that will boost your productivity.
This is a hands-on workshop. Each theoretical module is followed by exercise. Some of the topics that we will cover:
- Angular Ivy compiler
- Logic view and Render trees in Angular
- Content projection
- Templating in-depth: micro-syntax, patterns, and techniques
- Working with the Renderer
- Dynamic content rendering techniques
- DOM Manipulation techniques
- Directives API in depth

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10.00 - 17.00 CEST October 24
(Lunch provided)

Performance and RxJS in Angular Master Class (stationary & online)
by Michael Hladky

Angular has a number of distinct performance bottlenecks to alleviate, especially in larger applications. However, even though there is information available on the web on improving performance, mostly this knowledge is limited to change detection strategy OnPush and async pipe. This for sure is only a tiny fraction of what’s possible so it’s time to raise the bar and double down on optimization efforts!
The web has never been more exciting! But it has also never been as demanding to our devices and infrastructure as it is today. Our browsers ship new features, and languages get updates only to squeeze out the last bit of performance we can get. The problem here, there are no real resources out there that would show us how to apply those optimization techniques in practice, which can be especially painful when it comes to framework-specific questions.
This talk will feature the most up-to-date information to expand your knowledge of performance optimization techniques beyond the basics. In the end, you will go home with lots of exercises to guide you and a wealth of insights to work with, impressed by how much faster your application can get.
Together we will take a closer look at what an auditing process looks like. Then, we will discuss how to read Flame Charts, learn how to navigate through the network tab, and increase our knowledge of network analysis features. Finally, we will take a spin on the brand-new Angular Performance DevTools and compare them with the original ChromeDevTools.

🎯 Takeaways
- How to record and analyze flame charts
- How to document performance issues and measure improvements
- How to detect performance bottlenecks
- Hands on with Angular’s brand new DevTools
- Blocking tasks and how to spot scripting bottlenecks
- Network analysis and improvement strategies
- Change detection strategies & IVY features
- Best & bad performance practices for modifying the DOM Structure and CSS rendering
- Runtime performance of scripting, rendering, and painting

In this session, we will take a closer look at what an auditing process looks like, discuss how to read Flame Charts, learn how to navigate through the network tab, and increase our knowledge of network analysis features.

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12.00 - 18.30 CEST October 24
(Lunch provided)

Discovering OpenAI APIs: GPT3, Codex and DALLE2 Deep Dive Master Class (stationary & online)
by Gerard Sans

Workshop Description 1: This workshop will teach you how to use OpenAI API's to access their state-of-the art language models to do things that we just couldn't dream of doing a year ago. Learn how to generate text, code and images using GPT3, Codex and DALLE2 models. The workshop is hands-on and practical, but we also give an overview of all the advancements in AI generative models. We make it as simple as possible for you to understand the ins and outs of deep learning and neural networks.

Topics we will cover:
- Introduction to OpenAI, Deep Learning and Neural Networks
- GPT3: Generative Pre-Trained Text Model
- Using text generation and AI assistants
- Lab: generating and editing text via prompt
- Lab: building an AI assistant
- Codex: A generative model for code generation
- Using code generation and re-factoring
- Lab: extending GPT3 models with your own data
- DALLE2: image generation and editing via prompt
- Lab: exploring DALLE2 capabilities

- Comfortable using JavaScript
- Basic knowledge of Node

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who wants to integrate machine learning into their apps or websites using JavaScript. No previous experience with machine learning is necessary.

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10.00 - 17.00 CEST October 24
(Lunch provided)

Modern Angular Architectures: Standalone Components, Nx and More Master Class (stationary & online)
by Manfred Steyer & Michael Egger-Zikes

Wow, what a journey. This year, Angular already turns 6 years old. Of course, during these years it evolved a lot. Hence, it’s time to have a closer look to recently added modern features that allow for more modern, fresh, and lightweight architectures.

In this interactive workshop, we start with investigating the brand-new Standalone Components and migrate an existing Angular-Application to this innovation. We show how they work together with a professional Nx Workspace and Module Federation for building Micro Frontends and dramatically speeding up the build process.

Also, we discuss the new typed Forms and add it to our case study as well. Then, we develop some Nx Generators and Schematics for the Angular CLI allowing us to automate repeating and boring tasks related to the implementation of our architecture.

Furthermore, we introduce the NGRX Component Store as well as some advanced NGRX-Patterns. By the end you have a case study that shows how a modern Angular application can look like.

Technical Prerequisites for the Workshop:

a) Node.js installed
- LTS version or higher
- https://nodejs.org
b) Angular CLI
- npm install -g @angular/cli@latest
c) Test with “npm -v” and “ng v” from the command line whether npm and then Angular CLI work
d) Nx CLI
- npm install -g nx@latest
e) A modern browser like the current Chrome version
f) An IDE with Angular support like Visual Studio Code (free) or WebStorm/IntelliJ (commercial)
g) Optionally install git
- https://git-scm.com
- To clone the repo that I will provide at the begin of the workshop
- Alternatively the ZIP file download would work as well
h) We will use the following internet resources, so they need to be accessible for everyone:
- ANGULARarchitects.io (http://angulararchitects.io)
- npm Registry (https://registry.npmjs.org)
- GitHub (https://github.com)

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Free workshop ngGirls

We're thrilled to host an ngGirls workshop at NG Poland 2023 on Sunday, November 5th, 2023. This full-day workshop is free for women to attend and aims to introduce women to developing web applications, with the ultimate goal of increasing diversity in the tech industry. Share the love: tell a friend or colleague about this amazing opportunity! Come and check out what we have in store for you! Link: ng-girls.org/event/warsaw-2023

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JavaScript Community Hero 2022

We at JS Poland strongly believe in the value of sharing knowledge and experience. We also know that some of us put more than average effort into building JavaScript communities. JavaScript Community Hero Award is our token of gratitude for their hard work. If you know any JavaScript Hero, you can nominate them here.

JavaScript Product Hero 2022

We would like to award creators of fully functional already implemented solutions built on JavaScript that have made a real difference in our lives. The successful entrants need to show their product deserves the title by submitting the information requested in the form.

JS Awards 2022

Personality of the Year

Miško Hevery - Creator of AngularJS / Angular / Qwik

JavaScript Hero of Community

Ryan Carniato - Creator of SolidJS

JavaScript Hero of Education

Tomasz Ducin - ANF - Architektura Na Froncie

Shai Reznik - hirez.io

Devlin Duldulao - ASP.NET Core and Vue.js

JS Awards 2021

Personality of the Year

Christian Heilmann - christianheilmann.com

JavaScript Hero of Community

Gerard Sans - Web3 London

JavaScript Hero of Education

Stefan Baumgartner - TypeScript in 50 Lessons

JS Awards 2020

Due to the fact that we could not meet in person, the prizes from 2020 were postponed to 2021.

JS Awards 2019

Personality of the Year

Luca Mezzalira - lucamezzalira.com

Trainer of the Year

Michael Hladky - Trainer of the Year

JavaScript Hero of Education

Todd Motto - ultimatecourses.com

JavaScript Hero of Community

Adam Gospodarczyk - overment

Mathias Buus - @mafintosh

Company of the Year

NoFluffJobs - nofluffjobs.com

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The world’s best JavaScript experts inspire you to bring your JavaScript projects to the next level. You will meet and mingle with peers, world renowned speakers, technology fans, published authors and Open Source core committers.

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