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Shai Reznik

Qwik - The Future Of Web Development

“Wow… that’s a big statement… really Shai? is this.. “the Future”?”

“How can a technology which is still in Beta be considered the next big web development framework?”

Well… based on my experience, the research I’ve done and the thorough analysis of the past 26 years of web development and the patterns that emerged along the way… All signs show that we’re at the beginning of a new generation of web frameworks.. and based on how this future will look like, Qwik is years ahead in making it a reality now.

The change is coming, it’s inevitable and it has already begun!

Luckily for us web devs it comes with lots of cool and exciting new technology innovations and opportunities reserved for early adopters.

So what are the patterns I discovered that no one else is talking about? What will be the mainstream way to develop web apps in the future? Why did I decide to put my chips on Qwik as the right investment to make?

All of that and more will be revealed in this talk.

Shai Reznik - Founder, | Israel

Shai Reznik is known as "The Angular Testing Guy" and is the founder of and Being a leading part of the Angular community since 2012 Shai has been recognized by Google as an Angular Expert (and as a crazy person by his aunt! 😅) His "Test Effective Angular" courses and lectures have helped thousands of developers enjoy a stress free life and while increasing their code confidence, quality and efficiency. Over 170,000 developers watched his Angular talks online and just because you're reading this bio... you can enjoy a FREE testing workshop that will teach you 3 invaluable Angular testing lessons!

Shai Reznik in action

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Stay tuned, more speakers will be announced soon!

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