Press Kit

Press Kit

You can freely use the texts and logos of NG Poland and JS Poland brands as described on this page.

Event description

NG Poland and JS Poland conferences will be held in less than a month. The premiere hall of Multikino will be filled to the brim with the coolest participants in the world, and we will see the giants of our sector on stage. Among others, we will see the following speakers: Minko Gechev, Emma Twersky, Alex Rickabaugh, Kara Erickson, Misko Hevery, Alex Okrushko, Nir Kaufman, Manfred Steyer, Michael Hladky, Dawid Kędzierski, J. Alisa Duncan, Mateusz Do Duc, Sam Bellen, Shai Reznik, Eliran Eliassy, Greg Radzio, Julian Jandl, Deborah Kurata, Maciej Czerwiakowski, Dhananjay Kumar, Sebastian Gos, Michael Egger-Zikes, Gerard Sans, Ryan Carniato, Nishu Goel, Luca Mezzalira, Adam Bradley, Karin Angel, Tomasz Ducin, Santosh Yadav, Sebastian Witalec, Michał Jawulski, Devlin Duldulao, Daniel Afonso and many more!

The NG Poland conference will be held on October 25, 2022 for the 7th year in a row, and the JS Poland conference will be held on October 26, 2022 for the 6th year in a row.

You will meet diverse people, coming from different cultural and educational backgrounds. They will encourage you to improve and grow personally and professionally. As you meet and talk with other participants, you can present your work and ideas to them. Talking about what you do with professionals in your sector can make you feel more confident about what you have accomplished in your role.

Attending an international conference like ours is never a small thing. Having a certificate of participation in an international conference is like a cherry on top of your profile. It is one of the prestigious achievements you can include in your resume. Having an international conference listed in your achievements shows that you are confident, you care about your profession, and most likely have gathered the knowledge you now have from practical sources.

27 reasons why you should join NG Poland & JS Poland:
1. you will become a leader in your community
2. you will keep your knowledge up-to-date
3. you will be on top of trends
4. you will be learning and developing your skills
5. you will boost your creativity and innovation
6. you will gain targeted knowledge
7. you will be exposed to thinking BIG
8. you will play with different things that challenge you and refresh your mind
9. you will feel the energy of like-minded people
10. you will have better concentration
11. you will have new tips and tactics
12. you will get out of your comfort zone
13. you will become more productive
14. you will get to know new places
15. you will meet new people
16. you will have fun
17. you will receive answers
18. you will gain inspiration
19. you will invest in your future
20. you will get out of the bubble
21. you will build bridges
22. you will stay relevant
23. you will raise the level of your resume
24. you will get to know your heroes and finally
25. you will implement new knowledge in your own company
26. you will receive a certificate of participation
27. you will get unlimited access to the recorded sessions


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